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Strategy & support for growing nonprofits.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone on your team only focused on making your organization run better? Working with a consultant is an investment in your organization’s future—improve processes now so you can meet any challenge that comes your way.

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Take it from them.

I’ve really admired Caitlyn’s people skills. She manages up, down, and across when working with our organization. She’s built solid relationships with everyone on our staff and board in a very short time. I can’t believe all she’s accomplished in only six months with us.

Nonprofit Executive

Caitlyn brought an invaluable perspective to my workflow, helping me to standardize my systems and make my practice more efficient. Her audit of my pain points created actionable steps for me to follow when dealing with clients and new projects, which means I get to spend more time doing what I love doing.

Web Design Team Lead

Caitlyn was an invaluable resource when I started my business. She's intuitive and thoughtful; her guiding questions led to some of our best work!

Arts-based Organizer

Who I work with


Research, reflect & advise.

My role is to research, reflect, and advise you on the problem at hand and also help you think about the implications of your practices for the future. While working together I may also create process documents, plans, manuals, and other tools that you and your team can keep and adapt as you grow. Here's just a few of the needs I can support:

Strategic Planning

Together we can work on:

  • Crafting your Mission, Vision, & Values
  • Facilitating planning sessions with stakeholders
  • Writing your Strategic Plan (1, 3, 5 years)
  • Creating a budget and providing regular accountability
  • Assessing your program and fundraising income
  • Training your board on advocacy and engagement

Organizational Design

I’ll help you get to the bottom of how your team works:

  • Mapping roles & crafting competitive job descriptions
  • Planning your on-boarding/off-boarding processes
  • Listening to your team to provide confidential assessment and feedback for leadership

Technology Infrastructure

We’ll learn to leverage the best innovations by:

  • Assessing your current technology ecosystem
  • Recommending integrations and applications for enhanced efficiency
  • Implementing and training your team on new tech

Operational Necessities

Let’s optimize and empower your organization for success by:

  • Developing a comprehensive communications plan
  • Writing a clear and concise operations manual
  • Managing subscriptions and recurring obligations with a register
  • And More!

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